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Dear Reader,
If you’ve tried everything to shift that stubborn weight and still haven’t seen results…
If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and dull-witted…
Then what you’re about to hear will change everything you thought about losing weight and living healthy.
Because what I’m talking about is a natural way to:
And it’s all down to three common nutrients that offer generic health boosting benefits on their own but, when used together, instantly upgrade your metabolism to feast on fat – no matter what your age.  
If you’re looking for a way to turn your slow metabolism back into one that hums with fat-burning power, what I’m about to share with you has the potential to change your waistline, your body shape and your health for the better!


Shut down your body’s number one fat-maker 
with this unique fat-burning nutrient

Did you know: The hormone responsible for keeping your blood sugar under control is making you fat?
It’s true.
While insulin is essential for controlling your blood glucose levels, it’s also your body’s number one fat-storing culprit.
And what’s worse, the fatter you are, the more fat insulin makes you store.
You see, being overweight means your body’s become deaf to insulin’s message that tells your body to use sugar for energy.
So because there’s more sugar floating around in your blood, your pancreas starts to crank out more and more insulin to keep it under control. At the same time, your liver (which stores 60% of your sugar intake) begins to transform the sugar and carbs you eat into fat, sticky cholesterol.
So not only does insulin clog up your arteries, it causes your belly to bulge and sends your body’s fat-making machinery into overdrive.
And here’s the thing:
Until you stop making new fat, NOTHING – not hard-core workouts or crazy fasts – will melt away the fat that’s already in your spare tyre, your saddlebags or your butt.
L-carnitine: So much more than just a diet supplement
Think L-carnitine is just a weight-loss aid, think again!
The Mayo Clinic, Paul Linus Institute and JAMA confirm it also:
  • Boosts your energy…
  • Keeps you ticker ticking…
  • Improves your mood…
  • Fights fatigue…
  • Protects you from Alzheimer’s
  • Improves your sex life…
  • And so much more…
That’s where L-carnitine (a nutrient naturally available in dairy, beef, peanut butter, eggs and even macaroni) comes in.
It silences insulin’s fat-making message. And makes it easier for your body to keep your blood sugar in check. 

It’s so good at this, a three-month long International Sports Science Association study showed that participants who took L-carnitine lost SEVEN TIMES MORE weight than participants who didn’t.
(And this, despite following the same eating and exercise plan as the L-carnitine group.)
No wonder weight loss experts at call it:
“A must-have supplement for the dieter’s shelf!”
But it doesn’t stop there…
L-carnitine also annihilates visceral belly fat, reports the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. (That’s the bad fat lying deep inside your tummy that puts your health in grave danger.)
If you’ve found it impossible to burn fat in all of those places you do NOT want it… L-carnitine could be your new best friend.
Sounds great, right?
It is… But it’s only the first of the two vital fat-busting nutrients you need to upgrade your metabolism.

Say goodbye to plump and pudgy and hello to TIGHT AND TONED
with this fat-busting nutrient

You probably think of magnesium as the nutrient you have to take if you want to keep your bones strong and healthy.
But here’s the thing you don’t know…
Magnesium CRUSHES food cravings and overeating too!
Because magnesium controls your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
When you don’t get enough of it – which is exactly what happens when your diet is filled with unhealthy junk food – your body starves. And it’ll do anything to get the nutrients it needs – including forcing you to gorge on foods you don’t need.
So if you eat even when you’re full… Feel hungry all the time… Or are driven to the kitchen in search of platefuls of fattening foods in the middle of the night… It’s because you don’t have enough magnesium in your body!
Fix that with magnesium and you’ll not only put a stop to cravings, you’ll put the brakes on weight gain too.
But it gets even better…
A further study, published in a 2013 edition of the Journal of Nutrition, showed that too little magnesium also affects the way your body uses insulin. Without magnesium, insulin functions poorly.
The result?
High blood glucose levels and that extra blubber conveniently parked around your belly.
But that’s not all magnesium’s good for.
It also: 
Combined, L-carnitine and magnesium can do a lot towards re-engineering your metabolism. 
So there you have it.
The fat-busting nutrient duo you need to upgrade your metabolism.
No more fat pile ups.
Now you can kick your metabolism into overdrive and get your body to feast on fat 24-7.
You just need to know the right combination of these nutrients to take… 


Say hello to L-Carni Plus:
The two-part fat loss formulation that’ll upgrade your metabolism to feast on body fat…

Hi. I’m Annabel Koffman.
I’m the Publisher of and head of the FSP Nutritionals research team.
When we heard about the fat-burning, energy-boosting, life-transforming properties of L-carnitine when combined with magnesium we knew we had to get our hands on the perfect formulation of these nutrients. 

And that’s why our research and development team created a unique two-part fat loss formulation that contains the optimal blend of L-carnitine and magnesium to trigger your body’s automatic fat-burning abilities… Give an electrifying surge of energy to your body… And make you FEEL better too!
We call it L-Carni Plus.
And within days of trying it, it’ll help: 
And best of all?
You’ll start to undergo a transformation – a transformation into a slim and slender body – as your metabolism switches on its automatic fat burning potential.
And you’ll see results fast even IF…

  Yes! I want to reprogram my
metabolism to feast on fat

Make this your year to re-shape your body, revitalise your health and restart your metabolism!

I hope you’re as eager as I am for you to give this unique formulation a try.
And that’s why I’d like to issue you with this special promise:
Try L-Carni Plus
Trigger that fat-burning, energy-boosting, age-slowing metabolic upgrade… And let it all work for you. 

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay!

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel almost overnight. And, over the next few weeks, you’ll be astounded as your fat melts away to leave a flat belly and toned muscle behind.
You’ll be thrilled at the energy boost and blown away by the effect this metabolic upgrade has on your looks.
You’ll appear not just thinner, but YOUNGER to your friends and family.
But if for ANY reason within the first 60 days, L-Carni Plus doesn’t live up to everything I’ve described in this report…. If you don’t experience the incredible effects on your mind, your energy, your sex life, your health and your body shape… Or if you simply decide L-Carni Plus is NOT for you…
Simply return all the bottles (used and unused) within the first 60 days and I’ll refund every cent of the purchase price.
It’s that simple.
I don’t care if it’s your first bottle, or your three-hundred-and-first. I don’t even care if the bottle’s empty.
If you don’t see results within 60 days, I don’t want your money.
I hope that shows you how much I believe in L-Carni Plus.
If that sounds good to you, I have a proposal to help you take advantage of this fat-burning formulation right away…


  Yes! I want to reprogram my
metabolism to feast on fat

L-Carni Plus is the missing link for anyone who’s tried dieting five or more times with NO success…

Let me ask you a question:
How much have you already shelled out on dieticians, gym memberships and personal trainers to help you finally get the slim, trim body you deserve?
I’m willing to bet if you add it all up, you’d be out a couple of bond repayments!
I’ll also bet that, as someone who’s busy and wants results NOW, you don’t have the time or the money to go through all that nonsense again.
And you don’t have to!
You see, I really want you to experience what it’s like to look AND feel young… To experience boundless energy and vibrant health every single day.
I want you to be PROUD of your body and not feel the need to hide it under clothes….
I want you to count down the days until summer so you can bring out those baggies or bikini…
I want you to feel what it’s like to have unlimited energy…. To avoid the afternoon crashes, to not have to depend on caffeine to get through the day…
And most of all…
I want you to live the life you deserve: A life where you look and feel fantastic!


  Yes! I want to reprogram my
metabolism to feast on fat


If you’re looking to accelerate your fat loss and repair your damaged metabolism…
This could be EXACTLY what you need!

In this special report, I’ve shown you exactly how L-Carni Plus can help turn your metabolism up so high it feasts on fat 24-7… Improves the quality of your life – and your health – in almost every aspect.
I’ve also arranged these great savings so you can get the best possible deal – for the rest of your life:  

And I’ve even protected you with FSP Nutritionals’ exceptional 60-Day, NO-RISK money back guarantee.
There’s just one last thing I need to tell you:

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  Yes! I want to reprogram my
metabolism to feast on fat

To your best health,

Antoinette Pombo
FSP Nutritionals

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